Sky Tien-Yun Huang
UI/UX Designer/Researcher, Photographer, Sailor

I am a designer who loves to observe how people communicate with each other, with themselves and with the world. I especially love to explore how different ways of communication can create different kinds of experiences.

To be capable of that, I've prepared myself in being a T-shaped person. This means, alongside my visual design expertise, I also have a wide knowledge of relevant and emerging technologies, and a good sense of marketing and product management. What is even better: I am an active and fast learner! That said, whatever new tools I need for a new project, I can pick them up in a short time. (Try me!)

I recently got my MFA in Design with a focus on digital communication and media/multimedia from the Dynamic Media Institute at Massauchusetts College of Art and Design.

During my 2.5-year graduate study, I also cross-registered at the MIT Media Lab and Mobile Experience Lab. That is why I am always comfortable working within a multidisciplinary team. I thrive in a multidisciplinary environment!

My work is focused on user experience design. To me, the goal of design is not to create a beautiful place in the world, but rather to recall the beautiful place in our hearts and souls. This has led me to my MFA thesis, Dynamic Media for Well-being.

Please feel free to Connect on Linkedin  ,   Download My Resume (PDF) or just scroll down to see some of my work!