Redesigning Hotel Experience: City[Hub] (2013)
(2013) Role: Research, UI, UX, Prototyping, Testing

City<Hub> is an ongoing project at MIT Mobile Experience Lab, working as a team with Kaitlyn Bailey, Marco Mason and Kiran Bhattaram.

Thie purpose of this project is to redesign the hotel experience. The main concept is to turn the lobby into a hub for visitors to connect with the city more easily and comfortablely.The actuated, dynamic 3-D wall visualizes the recommended neighborhoods for users to explore as they choosing different tags of information, following a simple click of the "Go"button, detailed information are downloaded to users'mobile devices and ready to go.

Target User: Urban Explorer who seeks...

  • Authentic: rejects brochures and touristy attractions
  • Local: desires the personality of the city

  • and is...
  • Busy: constantly balancing work and play
  • Connected: always connected to the world with his mobile devices


Ethnography Research

The hotels we examined provided us with a number of experiences to learn from. We believe the hotel of the future will incorporate aspects from each, blending distinctions between work and play, and enhancing the guests' local and personalized travel experience.

Journey Map

Earlier version 1

The system is composed of a cloud-based service corporate with 3 units, personal devices, the tangible experience and a actuated wall.

Earlier Version 2 (change the touch table to tangible objects)

How it works

The customer chooses the what he/she would like to see in this city, for example shopping, sports or night life, etc.

The suggested area pop up according to what tags the customer chooses; the more tag the customer chooses, the fewer the suggested areas.

Then with a simple click on the "GO" button, the detailed information are downloaded to his/her mobile device and ready to go.

He/she can find all the information needed on his/her own device when hanging around the city.

Final Design ( combine the idea of tangible objects and touch table, and change the app interface and features)

Journey Map 2

The customer now makes his/her preferences by physical objects that represents different interest tags.

App interface and features.

A mock-up of the actuated Wall

Prototype of the actuated Wall

Usability Test


Behind the scenes