Braille Reader
(2012) Role: UI, UX, Prototyping, Testing

This prjoect won The 2nd Place of Most Useful at UIST 2012, Boston

This is a group project collaborated with Feng, Chun Chien (Boston University) and Jaturont Jamigranont (MassArt)

Braille Reader is designed for those who wants to learn and read Braille independently. As the user swipes across a braille letter on the card, the device reads the letter while swiping across a string of letters the device reads the word.

UIST 2012 Student Innovation Contest - Go banana from Jaturont (Kid) Jamigranont on Vimeo.

The system is composed of the Synaptic's pressure-sensitive, multi-touch touchpad, RFID and the braille cards. This is a project developed for 2012 UIST Student Innovation Contest.