You Are Here

You Are Here is an interactive biography, mapping one's life timeline.

1st Concept

Use tree's year ring to map timeline : stem and branch is like education and work; leafs are like skill acquired; small branches are connection built...etc. When a user touch the year ring, he/she is presented a growing tree accoring to which part of the tree he/she is touching.

2nd Concept

This second concept is use music instead of trunk. When music playing, music scores flowing, people stepping on the note  (is like) collecting some kind of leaf/flower, each note represent different kind of leaf/flower, you collect the note, either intentionally or unwillingly you accumulate something as music plays, and those you collected and accumulated, eventually become part of your life, moreover, become the portrayal of what you ARE Here.

This projet applies 2 projector to project the tree and the flowing symbol river, and a kinect camera to detect people's gesture.