The Golden Mirror

The Golden Mirror is an interactive installation. It is a mirror, in where you can see a "perfect" you, with the body propotion meets the Golden Ratio.


This project is a response to "The Perfect Human." In this project I re-consider what is a "perfect human." It reminds me of my experious working in a photo studio: People come to our studio to take a portrait, but they don't consider the humans in the portraits are themselves-- until I "beautify." Thus, my first concept was a game that allows you to replace their face features with features "clips" from celebrities)

The second concept is a flash game that allows you to kill all the imperfections so that you can reach perfection.

Final Design

The 3rd concept is a mirror, in where you can see a "perfect" you, meaning, your body propotion meets the "Golden Ratio".

How it works

1. use kinect camera to capture user's joints, 
2. cut him, into separate parts, 
3. recalculate the separate parts of the user,  making him fits to the golden ratio,
4. put them back 
5. show it on the screen of the mirror.