Marketing Solution: 2015 Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Symposium
(2015) Role: UI/UX design, Content Strategy, Front-end Development

This project is an online marketing solution including a responsive-design website with Facebook marketing support and Google Analytics. I collobarated with a back-end developer which was in charge of the PHP part while I did all the rest, including information architecture, content strategy, visual design and front-end developement. We use GitHub for version control and remote collaboration. The project was done in 2 weeks.

Screenshots from 3 platforms (Speaker Section)

Screenshots from 3 platforms (Schedule Section)

Screentshots of e-Newsletter on desktop and on mobile phone

Quick sketches of wireframes

Some of the original Word documents I had on hand before applying content strategy

I use SourceTree to track the development process

OG tags for Facebook Promotion

Google Analytics

3 Examples of Flyer Design